Contour Connect View –

An LCD Preview System For the Contour GPS
While the Contour GPS cameras are exceptional for out of doors journey what is been missing for a while is a vital LCD viewfinder. While many other helmet cameras have the same hassle, Contour went approximately managing it in a completely new manner. They have unveiled the Contour Connect View Bluetooth card with cellular app package permitting customers the potential to peek and frame their films wirelessly from their iPhone, iTouch or Android cell gadgets.

The Contour GPS
The Contour GPS helmet camera is on the list of most revolutionary POV cams among motion sports videographers. Its long lasting enclosure mounts onto the aspect of cars, motorcycles or any sort of sports equipment and information pristine 720p and 1080p HD video. The GPS capability on this version offers you acquisition of altitude, role and pace statistics that can be played again at the side of your video pictures.

What Is the Contour Connect View?
The Contour Connect View hardware software kit Top Follow Mod Apk is produced from two elements. First element capabilities a tiny Bluetooth card which suits into a slit beside the battery of the Contour GPS. The 2d thing is a loose iPhone app this is downloaded from iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch (quickly Android and others). With each pieces installed, your iPhone display screen will show precisely what the camera is seeing for completely foolproof scene composition. All camcorder configuration settings also can be modified the use of the free software package deal.

Benefits Of The Bluetooth Software
The Contour Connect View resultseasily fixes the issues of rival helmet camera LCD merchandise. Simply, the alternative cameras have tiny LCDs of two inches or smaller and is generally mounted to the camcorder so correct alignment and previewing your images is exhausting because of the awkward vicinity. Connect View allows you to study exactly what is taking place in the front of the camcorder. On pinnacle of that preview, the Connect View lets you modify your digicam’s various features swiping the easy to navigate menus inside the wi-fi app rather than other LCD models that use cryptic codes and key pushes or tough menu controls.

Installing and Using the Contour Connect View
Installing the Contour Connect View is simple. After installing the app to your smartphone, go to Contour.Com and upgrade your firmware to your Contour GPS. Install the Connect View card into your Contour GPS. The Connect View card slot is located to the left of the battery slot and has a “filler” spacer. Remove the spacer and insert the Bluetooth card with the Contour logo facing the battery cavity. Turn the digicam on. On your iPhone or iTouch visit Settings,General, Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on. On your Contour GPS hold down the Bluetooth button for five seconds. It is located at the front of the document button. This will make the LED within the the front of the digital camera flash blue. Contour GPS will display up at the phone menu. Select that device. You need to new be able to open your Contour App and it’s going to default to the viewing display. The Live View screen as it should be suggests the image and area of view that you’ll capture even though it might be rendered in a decrease decision at four frames according to second.

Benefits Of The Contour Connect View
The Contour GPS Connect View is a top notch fix to a everyday downside with action cameras. How can you compose and set up your scene with an clean to look LCD preview display? By using your normal iPhone’s excessive definition screen and Bluetooth you take benefit of the largest and widest viewing perspective LCD to be had for a helmet digital camera. Being cordless and now not connected to the digital camera, frame modifications and converting your picture is some distance less difficult than every other helmet digicam. Include the characteristic to excellent-music your functions at a distance out of your digicam and the inexpensive fee of MSR $30 makes this product a amazing price to benefit and a critical accent for any proprietor of the Contour GPS.

With the advent of the new Contour Connect View micro Bluetooth chip and iPhone (soon for Android) app combination, Contour has maximum probable the best LCD preview made of all helmet cam that you should buy. The clever use of your cellphone’s big excessive resolution show and excellent-tuning your video digicam wirelessly make this the maximum user pleasant display. Add a especially low selling fee and any folks can see this being ordered with each Contour GPS digital camera.

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