An expert guide on how your business can leverage the potential of sticker marketing 

Have you been looking for alternatives to traditional marketing? Then you have probably already come across the term sticker marketing. It might sound a little weird at first; using stickers for marketing? After all, these are the sticky little pictures you used to collect as a kid. 

The difference between then and now? Go custom. This way you can print stickers with the design or logo you need for your business. When used the right way, stickers can transform your marketing efforts. Did you know that they have been used to advertise products since Ancient Egypt? They are the ultimate marketing tool, and you can use them in many different ways. 

In this blog post, we will introduce you to our favorite and most effective ways of using custom stickers for your marketing. Are you ready? Then let us jump straight in.

  1. Create coherent product packaging 

Coherence is one of the pillars of great branding. You want your customers to recognize your brand through a few simple features like colors and logos. To achieve that, you need to expose consumers to these symbols consistently. 

The best way to do this is to invest in coherent product packaging. This includes your actual product as much as the packaging materials you are using all the way to your shipping boxes, envelopes or shopping bags. 

By using stickers, you avoid the cost of having to custom-print each element. Instead, you can simply bulk order your design and apply them to your entire range. Bulk ordering stickers means that each individual piece will only come to a few cents, making this not only a versatile but affordable marketing tool. 

  1. Make them work in different ways 

But you do not have to stop at product packaging. Once you have decided on your designs, you can put them to use in multiple ways. You can even look into different sticker vinyls like clear or holographic to create different looks and get the most out of your stickers. 

An eye-catching material is perfect to spice up your shipping boxes. Here, you can really put your stickers to work: apply them to create a beautiful experience, while using them as packaging seals to secure your shipments. 

You can even re-purpose them as alternatives to traditional business cards. Think about it, when you attend an industry event, you often get home with dozens of business cards. These usually disappear in your wallet. If you think outside the box and give out stickers, you automatically stand out from the crowd and secure your business the top stop in a potential client’s office. 

  1. Add them for free

This trick not only works at industry events. The reason is quite simple: everybody loves stickers and everybody loves freebies. Combine the two by adding free stickers with every purchase. This tip is not new, but seriously underrated. 

Did you know that we perceive stickers as gifts rather than advertising? Through this, we are much more receptive to the messages delivered to us by a simple sticker. On top of that, it ignites all the positive emotions associated with gift giving. 

Your business can tap into these positive emotions to reinforce your brand. When your customers love the gifts they are given, they are also much more likely to use them in their personal lives. Just think about your logo or branded design being used as water bottle or laptop stickers for the world to see. This turns loyal customers into brand ambassadors and extrapolates your reach. 

What do you think? Are stickers the versatile marketing tool you hoped for? We sure think so and are excited to see what you will be creating. Please share your experience and any questions in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.